How to make money with PTC Sites step by step Guide

How to make money with PTC Sites step by step Guide..

This guide will show you step by step how to make money with ptc sites. PTC websites can bring you some nice real money (even a couple of thousands of dollars per month) but that only if you are willing to invest your time, effort and some money (the last one is optional).

What are PTC sites?
These are websites that pay you to click on ads and also pay you every time a referral of yours clicks on an ad (I’m going to explain to you how to get referrals in the next Posts).

Do you pay something to join a ptc?
No, joining a ptc site is free.

How much does a ptc site pay me for clicking?

Well, a ptc site gets at least 1 cents/click to show up an ad to its members and shares then the revenue with
the members that clicked on that ad. The best paying ptc sites give $0.01 or $0.001 for a click and $0.005 for every referral click, as a standard member.

How much can you earn with a ptc site?
The amount of money you will generate with a ptc site is in close connection with the number of referrals and the type of membership you will have.
Let’s say you joined Neobux and you’re a standard member:
 -clicking on 4 ads a day will bring you 4 cents a day; 
-if you have 50 referrals that each clicks on 4 ads a day you earn $1 a
 day (you earn 2 cents if they click 4 ads)

3) What to do before joining a ptc site
First of all make sure you have an internet browser that can assure  you speed and security. I’m using Mozzila Firefox and this is very good and fast to work with. I recommend you use this when clicking on ads.
The second thing you need to do is make sure you have where to withdraw the money from your ptc accounts.
There are 3 payment processors the ptc sites use more commonly:

Liberty Reserve

The sooner you join these 2 the better (unless you already use them). This is because it will take at least a couple of days until your accounts will get approved and ready to use.

What is Roboform?
Roboform is a tool that really makes your life easier. This keeps all your passwords that you have used with your accounts, ptc and emails. Imagine having a couple of dozens of accounts and passwords to remember…
You can download it for free from here:

Now that we’ve done all that we had to do before joining a ptc site it’s time to get to the serious stuff.

I already built a list with trusted ptc sites that have paid me numerous times see list in my Best PTC Sites List post.

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